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Sadly, there’s a wide fissure between the public’s starvation for governance justice through the profitable delivery by President Aquino of his promise to get behind the tales on corruption of the previous administration, and the Court’s confirmation of an alleged violation of former President Arroyo’s equal safety proper. To emphasize, it isn’t even former President Arroyo who is officially raising this matter before the Court. Unlawful discrimination, as proven in American cases on equal protection claims in legal investigation and prosecution, is not inherently an argument of the powerful, however that of the traditionally oppressed. This is because the politically powerful, as in the past administration, still contain all the benefits that such previous formal political energy begot. It is the peak of incongruity that an administration that held energy for nine years, successfully evaded all congressional investigations, and successfully invoked all legal defenses from investigation for all these 9 years shall be extended the same immunity that the former presidential workplace gave it.

  • In the lecture, Justice Cardozo spoke about the gaps left by absence of precedents in systems of regulation, the development of principles to handle these gaps, and adherence to the rule of precedent.
  • The requirement to not limit the classification to present circumstances goes into the operational particulars of the law.

That’s why you want to consciously join every single day with how you want your values to play out in your life. It is not enough simply to know what your values are. In fact, you presumably can encounter a nice deal of pain and suffering if you understand what your inside core values are when the everyday small actions you interact in usually are not in line with these values. The second step is learning to act in accordance with these values.

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In the exercise of its power to make classifications for the purpose of enacting legal guidelines over matters within its jurisdiction, the state is acknowledged as enjoying a extensive range of discretion. It is not needed that the classification be primarily based on scientific or marked differences of issues or of their relation. Neither is it needed that the classification be made with mathematical nicety. Hence legislative classification could in many instances properly rest on slender distinctions, for the equal protection guaranty does not preclude the legislature from recognizing levels of evil or harm, and laws is addressed to evils as they may seem. Here we’ve the majority affirming that there exists a political contract between the incumbent President and the Filipino individuals – that he must stamp out graft and corruption. It must be remembered that the presidency doesn’t exist for its own sake; it’s but the instrument of the need of the people, and this relationship is embodied in a political contract between the President and the folks.

The Constitution doesn’t require that issues which are different in reality be handled in legislation as if they were the identical. The equal safety clause does not forbid discrimination as to things which would possibly be totally different. It doesn’t prohibit laws which is restricted both within the object to which it’s directed or by the territory inside which it is to operate. I haven’t acquired the cts but , all i have are the receipts. Now,i wish to have it leased out quickly whereas i am not in the nation , to atleast get back a portion of the mortgage am paying month-to-month. But in their contract,there’s an article that implies ,”commercial use,includingbut not limited to using the property and customary areas or a portion thereof as boarding house/rooms (will skip the remainder as they’re all business) ;and other uses that might be prohibited by the vendor,and/or by the HOA, are strictly prohibited.

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She is in a job with minimal accountability, and minimal job satisfaction to go with it. Jamie typically complains to Alex and her other associates about how frustrating her job is, but she doesn’t apply for new jobs or attend courses that would advance her career prospects. In her social life, Jamie is in do-do, go-go mode; she tends to have plans 5 or 6 nights per week, which regularly involve drinking alcohol. Whenever a relationship ends for Jamie, she goes straight onto online dating with the motto, there’s plenty more fish in the sea. For example, let’s check out two friends, Alex and Jamie. She often works 60-plus hours a week and she’ll attend many further meetings in that time.

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All these flimsy and dilatory excuses violate the clear command of the Constitution that public officers are accountable to the people "at all times." Classifying the "earlier past administrations" in the last 111 years as just one class just isn’t germane to the purpose of investigating potential acts of graft and corruption. There are prescriptive durations to prosecute crimes.

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