About The Club

Mirpur Club is an active professional and organization of noble entrepreneurs. The focus and purpose of this club is six.

(1) Strong social interaction (for good work)
(2) Social action implementation (domestic and international)
(3) Internationally highlighting the country by conducting cultural activities
(4) Entertainment
(5) Role in education and social development
(6) Professionalism and entrepreneurship development.

The first metro rail of Bangladesh will be on Mirpur. Bangladesh's only Nobel Prize is in Mirpur. The first Satellite town city in the newly liberated Bangladesh in 1971 was "Mirpur". Zoo, Botanical Garden, Cantonment is here. Mirpur is the first fully complete satellite city of Bangladesh. Mirpur's location is very important in business and administrative matters. Mirpur Club will work towards promoting the Commercial Heritage of Mirpur, promoting Administrative Importance and Highlighting History and Heritage in front of the whole nation.

Let's think a little bit. The mosque is a place of prayer in the traditional sense. University is a class, test and degree place. Hotel is a stay place. There was a time when the mosque in the Islamic Society was the main center of the Social System, from where it started from practice to trial, science research, and marriage. Our ignorance narrowed the activities of the mosque. Now let's talk about the university. The wise people said that the main work of the university was to Spread Knowledge and Knowledge in the field of research and research to bring knowledge into reality and on the basis of that knowledge, the people needed to lead the State and Society on the basis of that acquired knowledge. Let's say in hotel words. Now the hotel is not the place to stay. Hotel Conference, Meeting, Exhibition, Museum and Business location. I have spoken so many things that in the age of time people have arranged the organization for its needs. And in keeping with that argument, we also want Mirpur Club to be institutionalized in a new way. Development is the first step in building new institutions. The final analysis of the "Development Ideas" plan is underway.