Mirpur Club Excellence Award -2022

Mirpur Club Excellence Award-2022 and Community Development and Vision 31 ” program organized by Entrepreneurs and Professionals Mirpur Club Ltd.

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi, MP was present as the chief guest at the event at Lakeshore Convention Center, Gulshan on Saturday (March 18) at 7 pm.

The special guest was – Suleman Khan, Secretary, Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Ministry of Education. Md Shamsul Arefin, Secretary, ICT Division, Abdus Salam Murshedi MP, Managing Director Envoy Group. Founding President S. presided over the event SM. Mahbub Alam

In his speech, the Commerce Minister referred to Mirpur Club’s Vision 31 as a milestone in dealing with global finance.

He also said that people’s leader Sheikh Hasina is spreading one development horizon after another with the dream of building Sonar Bangla. At that time, a group of scholars, dreamers, professional entrepreneurs, keeping the tradition of Bengal in front, to protect the new generation from being unskilled; Constant efforts are being made to invest talent in the country. Everyone dreams but cannot realize.The dreamers of Mirpur Club are going to do just that. Everyone is busy going abroad but I would say the country has it all. The plan of the Entrepreneurial University will help implement the SDGs and Jannetri’s declared vision. There is no substitute for entrepreneurship development to protect talent. I will do whatever it takes to implement this Vision 31 through my Ministry of Commerce. I invite you to join this movement.

Special guest Suleiman Khan said, I am amazed to see such dreamers. People here range from doctors, engineers, teachers, lawyers, judges, barristers to business entrepreneurs. I feel blessed to participate in such an event.I will help those who have taken the initiative of quality modern education, InshaAllah. I would like to tell the coming respective people that no one made a mistake in coming to this event. Because I see the role model of public leader Sheikh Hasina’s development in the Mirpur club. Let us join in the implementation of Vision 31 of Mirpur Club.

Club Vice President Susanth Kumar Saha, former Additional Secretary said in his speech, I am proud of your presence. The dream we saw will come true if you are by our side. He thanked the Honorable Minister for being present in the midst of his busy schedule as the guardian of the Ministry of Commerce. I believe he will be by our side.

Founding President SM Mahbub Alam in his speech welcomed and congratulated the honorable chief guest, special guests and dignitaries present and all the members of the club.
He said, like Mirpur club – “I will be good, I will keep it good”. We are going to build a modern chhoar on the basis of the rituals that our forefathers followed in the village in the Kachari house of Bengali. BEN10K, BEN-Economy and Community Service. Perfect city where everything will be. Entrepreneurial University will be a specialized university.

The main aim is to create entrepreneurs and work on a larger scale. It will be research-based and empirically based, community-based and of international standard. The foundation of the Bentenke community is a university the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.He thanked the Honorable Minister for being the patron of the Ministry of Commerce for community development and for attending the annual award ceremony and requested him to identify the challenges of entrepreneurship development and speed up the process of development.


  1. Farzana Chowdhury – Managing Director O.C.E.O (Green Delta Insurance Company Limited)
  2. Md. Manzoor Mofiz – M.D (One Bank)
  3. A. S. M. Mohiuddin Monem – Monem Group
  4. Moinul Haque Siddiqui -Fiber Athome
  5. Asif Iqbal – Group Chief Executive
  6. Md. Fayezullah
  7. Abdus Salam Murshedi – M. P Chairman (Envoy Group)
  8. Farooq Hasan – President (B.G.M.E.)
  9. Dr. Chowdhury Nafiz Sharafat – Chairman (Padma Bank)
  10. Md: Al Kashem
  11. Azmat Iqbal – Director (Reeve Group)

Here are some photos from the event